Listening Session for Founders


Date: 22nd Aug (Thursday)

Time: 7 PM to 9 PM

Venue: Tribe Theory, Koramangala



A founder's life can be an absolute roller coaster ride. They experience a vortex of emotions - highs and lows - all kind of mashed together. Through it all, they keep up appearances for the outside world - often the facade of a smiling, happy face!

The company is growing, the opportunities are flowing, profitability is just around the corner….

What can’t be seen from the outside is the exhaustion and numbness, caused by the daily grind of running a startup. The continuous isolation, wherein you are forced to face most of the problems alone. Life can feel pretty bland!

Come join us, as Tribe Theory and Wission host a Listening Session for Founders on 22nd Aug (Thursday), where you can open up to similar souls as they give you a patient ear :). Not only is that a great soothing and refreshing experience for founders, but you will also build a circle of trust with others in the same boat.

This circle will also help you when you are going through any personal or professional struggles, in the future. The collective wisdom of a band of smart and conscientious founders is something you will be able to rely upon to help you out in times of need!

All stories or issues shared here will stay completely private and within the group (no phones, no photos). If you wish to stay anonymous during the session, we will respect that too (though will recommend you to open up completely).

Register for the session and give change a chance!



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